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☆ JJBA - Giorno Giovanna Collar Pin ☆

☆ JJBA - Giorno Giovanna Collar Pin ☆

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Your favorite Jojo's in enamel pin form! Rep your favorite character on your collar shirts, jackets, backpacks, or hats!

☆ Height: ~1.2" tallest height
☆ 4" collar chain
☆ Hard Enamel
☆ Gold Plating
☆ Screenprinted details 
☆ 2 Blue Rubber Clutches
☆ Customized Backing Card

***Note: “B-Grade” pins may or may not come with a backing card, but will be sealed in a protective baggie.


*Disclaimer: These are handmade items, which means there may be slight variations in each pin. However I deeply inspect all pins for defects so that you will receive nothing short of an awesome pin :) Click here for the Pin Grading Guide