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 [ What is the Fifth Element??: ] You guessed it.... Earth, Wind, Water, Fire... and Cute. ]

My passion for pins started after my coworker introduced me to his collection of pins.
The first thing that really sparked my interest was the idea that one's imagination could be turned into something tangible and beautiful. The possibilities are endless!
I come from an illustration background, but with a full-time job it was hard to find the time and purpose to draw. But when I kept seeing other people's friggin' cute pin designs and collections, I was finally inspired to create Fifth Element. The goal of Fifth Element is to create unique designs that resonate with my audience.
I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I have enjoyed making them :)

Let's get personal.

I'm Emily
Originally from San Francisco, I moved down to SoCal for my BFA in Illustration.
Illustrator/Designer by day... doin' whatever by night, but mostly going to the movies, concerts, or eating good foods (most likely dessert). I'm a professional ice cream eater... just kidding, I wish ;u;
I'm a huge sucker for black cats and anything holographic. I also spend way too much money going to music festivalsヽ(o´∀`)ノ♪♬

Thanks for stopping by~! =^w^= ♡