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Mystery Loot Bag
Mystery Loot Bag

Mystery Loot Bag

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Feelin' lucky? ;) Or love everything and just want a surprise at a great price?

Mystery Loot Bags will contain RANDOMLY selected B-GRADE pins; NO DOUBLES! However, if you purchase a Mystery Loot Bag with other listings, I cannot guarantee you won't get doubles, but there is a wide selection so chances are pretty slim :)
Bags may contain any of the pins listed in my shop! Some of the pins you may receive are shown in the second photo.

Pins in Mystery Bags will NOT come on backing cards, but will be sealed in plastic baggies.


What are B-Grade pins? These are pins that have minor to moderate defects, which include but are not limited to:

  • small specks of dust/dirt under epoxy coating
  • slight nicks, scuffs, and scratches
  • small areas of missing enamel
  • wobbly posts
  • noticeable misaligned screen printing

You can find a more thorough explanation here!:

These pins are heavily discounted, thus all sales are FINAL! By purchasing, you are knowingly accepting that you will be receiving slightly flawed pins.